Our primary expertise is, among others, planning and installation of process equipment, sanitary and energy saving optimizations, relocation and servicing of process plants.

Moreover, our Engineering Department handles engineering dimensioning, construction and procurement of the process equipment that is included in our deliveries. We gladly assume the full contract responsibility and thus, are often acting as turnkey supplier.



For more than 30 years, we have been a part of the process industry around the world. We know the industry and are only delivering services that comply with the industry’s most stringent requirements and regulations.

A global procurement network ensures that we always purchase, labour, materials and equipment where the optimal combination of price and quality can be obtained. The philosophy is that our customers should always benefit from our favourable procurement agreements.

Produktion af Køleplader, Varmeplader, Dampkapper, Kølekapper og Varmekapper. Eksperter i Tryktanke.

Unique knowledge about the chemical and thermal industry. 
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Indfaldsfilm, varmeveksler, kondensator, trykbeholder og recuperator til industrien.

Large experience with process equipment for the food industry. 
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Produktion af Varmevekslere, Termoplader, Trykbeholdere og Inddamper. Eksperter i Varmegenvinding og varmeplader og køleplader.

From development to installation of pharmaceutical plants. 
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Varmeveksler, trykbeholder og Inddamper. Hos ACO er vi eksperter i varmegenvinding og termoplader.

Climate and energy 
Heat recovery in thermal processes. Read more

Fordamper, recuperator og varmeveksler. Eksperter i filterhuse, indfaldsfilm og kondensatore.

Our global network 
Provides quality, innovation and savings. Read more

Nyheder om ACO-Engineering. Vi leverer tryktanke, køleklapper, varmeplader, dampkapper og varmekapper. Vi er eksperter i køleplader.

Quality assurance 
High quality requirements and solid objectives.
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