At ACO-SERVICE we daily expand our global network with new competent partners that match our own high quality level.

Via faithful collaborators we have access to qualified labour at very competitive prices. 

By using local collaborators for, for example, production and installation work we avoid issues due to linguistic and cultural barriers. Moreover, we make sure that our partners have the appropriate authorizations and certificates in relation to that particular country’s laws. 

Our local partners keep us up to date on specific conditions regarding logistics, customs, VAT, infrastructure and working conditions. In that way, we can take the necessary precautions and take care that delivery times are respected despite of any difficulties. 

Our innovative procurement is the way to a better economy for the customer 

Our professional buyers choose in all aspects the optimal combination of price and quality. It also applies in relation to materials and manufacture. Thus, it is our clear practice that savings, obtained through innovative procurement, should always be to the benefit of our customers in the form of significant price reductions.

At delivery to countries, where we have not been active before, we enter into new partnerships or benefit from existing partners in neighbour countries. Thus, the whole world is our workplace.

We go far to give the customer the best agreement 

In several countries we have registered for VAT – as turnkey supplier – to be able to do business with foreign subcontractors. 

In certain EU-countries it has been necessary to register as a contractor and subcontractor to avoid extra taxation. All in all, we go far to make it easy for our customers to do business with us – just as we make efforts to keep the costs down in order to deliver at very competitive prices – regardless of where in the world we work.

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