Produktion af Indfaldsfilm, Kondensatore, Fordampere og Recuperator. Eksperter i Filterhuse.
Tegnestuen hos ACO-Engineering

Because, at ACO-SERVICE, we are so focused on the process industry, we know all the existing requirements and mechanisms regarding equipment and installation work in the process industry. 

The establishments of the whole or a part of a new production plant, a refurbishment or relocation are organized by our Engineering Department. Trained project managers participate in all phases of the project – from planning through development of process equipment to installation and commissioning.  

At project start, our buyers are scanning the market to determine, in collaboration with the project managers, which components that can be ordered at the subcontractors with advantage, and which must be developed by our own constructors.

The construction of the process equipment is carried out in close dialogue with the customer – sometimes according to our own design and other times according to the customer’s exact specification.

Our mechanical design is covering all fields in the process industry, where resistant and stainless steel equipment is used – thus, including tanks, sanitary filter housings, insulation units, silencers, operational platforms, construction decks, ducts, pipe systems, wastewater vessels etc. Through our subsidiary, ACO-Engineering, we also supply custom-made thermo plate products for heat exchangers, condensers and tanks with cooling and heating jackets. 

Because our competences cover all the phases of the project, we often act as turnkey supplier regarding new establishments, refurbishments or relocations.

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