At ACO-SERVICE we are experts in the installation of stainless steel industrial plants.

For all types of process industries our experienced installers/supervisors carry out new constructions, relocations and renovations of process plants.

Often the installation is supplied as part of a turnkey project, where we assume the whole project from planning to engineering, installation and procurement. 

By far the largest part of our installation works are carried out at a fixed price on the basis of the customer’s plant specifications. Minor assembly and welding work may be billed as hourly labour.

We meet with a team of skilled supervisors, installers and certified welders, who are all equipped with up-to-date tools.

Our project managers elaborate time and staffing plans, and they organize crane and scaffolding activities, if any. We organize travelling and accommodation for our installers and supervisors ourselves – both nationally and internationally. 

In cases, where the customer wants to employ own installers, we offer assistance from our very experienced supervisors. The supervisor manages and carries through the installation work on the basis of flow diagrams and arrangement drawings. Thus, the customer does not spend unnecessary time on planning and preparation of detailed drawings.

Our supervisors and chairmen speak English and/or German and some even speak Spanish and Portuguese. 

ACO-SERVICE has performed relocations of complete process plants from one location to another – e.g. from Europe to other continents.

Before the dismantling of a plant, all plant components are photographed and marked. Subsequently, we properly pack the plant components in containers and boxes. At the reinstallation, we perform an optimization/renovation of the plant components according to the applicable standard. In many cases we also carry out transport to the new destination.

Tool container – a mobile workshop
At larger installation projects we bring along a tool container that functions as a mobile workshop.

Control of the details
When we assume responsibility for the installation work, the customer does not need to worry about details regarding the work.

ACO-SERVICE has more than 30 years of experience in plant installation and implementation of large and small installation works. Below, is shown a list of some of the 2.000 plants we have installed.

  • Spray drying plants

  • Dehydrators

  • Pipe installations

  • Tank farms, CIP-plants

  • Tank farms, food plants

  • Air-filtering plants

  • Muting

  • Waste water treatment plants

  • Water chilling plants

  • Freeze drying plants

  • Powder transport

  • Silo sites

  • Bagging equipment

  • PCC-plants (the paper industry)

  • And many more

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