To keep the shut-down-periods to an absolute minimum and avoid unplanned production stops is almost a philosophy for ACO-SERVICE, which, with more than 30 years of experience in the process industry, knows how costly it is to close down production. 

Therefore, we offer service agreements ensuring systematic and preventive maintenance.

We draw up status reports that document any incipient defects. The advantage of having ACO-SERVICE conduct the review and preparation of the status report is that we can offer an immediate repair of the defects that may have been found and this with the utmost respect for the production.

When our skilled technicians cast their professional eyes on a process plant, they pay attention to all the irregularities that, notoriously, may lead to later unplanned production stops.

ACO-SERVICE has the necessary qualifications to enter into collaboration on the preventive maintenance, for example, regarding inspection/overhaul and/or replacement of:

  • Filter inserts in filter housings

  • Baffles in silencers

  • Valves/dampers

  • Flex connections 

  • Gaskets

Moreover, we have 15 years of experience with performing burst tests of, for example, dry chambers, tanks and cyclones with possibility of subsequent repair of deficiencies found. 


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